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Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is an academic competition between schools. Each competition includes 2 games with a series of toss up and bonus questions. Categories include history, math, science, geography, literature, and much more. Students work in teams of 4. Any student can answer toss up questions; bonus questions are answered by the team that answers the toss up correctly. Quiz Bowl games typically take place on Tuesdays (during the season); practices also take place on Tuesdays during Flex. This club meets after school for practice and games. We have home and away games. Transportation is provided by school van from the middle school to away games and back. Students need to have a ride waiting at the middle school when we return from away games.

Students usually call a half hour before we arrive so parents have time to go to the middle school. We also participate in a tournament in March that is on a Saturday from 8:00 am - 3:00pm. Parents are allowed to come and watch. We also need parents to be readers (read the questions to the students) and judges (in case 2 students buzz in at the same time) at home games and the tournament. Finally, we provide snacks and drink when we have home games so we are always willing to accept donations of juice boxes, bottles of water and snacks.